Promotional Campaigns

Reduce the Gap Between Your Current Sales and Your Goals

What is the gap between what sales were done last year and what your goals are this year? The economy may be down, but there are companies that are doing well. They have a plan in place. Review what promotional actions you have planned and what your expected return is for those actions. If you are not certain that your plans will cover the gap you have for your sales, find out what other options are available to help you achieve your goals.

Depending on the scope of your marketing projects, we can provide information gathering with our Trainor Promotions Questionire™ and consultation for your promotional activities. The Questionaire only takes a few minutes and is a good starting point for improving your responses and lead generation. The consultation will make suggestions of on how you can have proven campaigns that are exciting and create buzz. We are interested to hear what your goals are and providing choices of programs to simplify your efforts in attaining your goals.

Create Buzz with Your Campaigns

There are dozens of campaigns that have proven successful. Targeted campaigns can save money and create a better return on your investment. Also, find out what current technology advances are available at costs within your budget. Be able to stay ahead of your competition to make you stand out and be noticed.

Marketing Consultants and Ad Agencies

We also work with marketing consultants and ad agencies as a marketing service provider. There is a lot of pressure on marketers to get results for their clients. We can provide the services needed to implement campaigns and help with promotional ideas for your clients.

Ensuring Your Marketing Piece Contains Essential Components

If you look in any yellow page directory, you will see ads that are basically a menu of what the company does. Since you already are looking for that type of service in the directory, this information really doesn’t tell you anything new.

All successful advertising contains certain key components.
Ensure your promotional printing is not missing any key components for marketing your product or service by requesting our free Marketing Piece Checklist Analysis™.

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